MRS. DRACULA by Logan Keys, Nadia Blake, Eli Constant, Lee Hayton, Sherry Foster, Emma Brady, Andra Dill, Aria Michaels, Pauline Creeden, Angela Roquet, Ava Mallory, Diana Laybe, Adelaide Walsh, L.D. Goffigan, Kasondra Morin, Jeannie Wycherley, Tracy D. Vincent, Caroline A. Gill


Bound by blood.
Cursed for eternity.
She’s worn out every welcome.
Bitten every hand that feeds.
But with a name like Mrs. Dracula, what did you expect?

Eighteen bestselling and award-winning authors spill secrets about this lady of the night just in time for Halloween. Tales of titillating evil, supernatural events, thrilling mystery, and historical horrors, or rather, proof of the vampire’s existence.
Can you escape the bride of Dracula?

Get your copy and find out tonight!


MY REVIEWS: One thing I noticed as somewhat of a theme through many of these shorts was Mrs. Dracula in her various forms teetered on the edge of having a soul or a slight moral compass at time. I read a lot of compassion which is not always the case with these types of stories.

A CONCERTO FOR THE DEAD AND DYING by Jeannie Wycherley: This is a new to me author and one I want to read more of in the future. This author has an incredible grasp of detail that plays well into the reader’s imagination. Elizabetta was one of my favorite characters in this anthology and that she placed her in a war time setting was entirely unique. The demise of poor Francis was truly sad, and how Elizabetta loved him and lost him is heartbreaking.

TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE by Tracy D. Vincent: This is a change from what I usually read from this author and it was just as enjoyable as the rest of her work, my only complaint (with all of these stories is they are NOT long enough, yes I know they are short stories.) I love her take on Ms. Dracula, and throwing a bit of Van Helsing in for flavor (literally) was a smart move!! The story flowed and the characters were edgy and gritty. This was an enjoyable read and one I highly recommend. I loved that she stuck with what I refer to as the true Dracul characters and her story centers around Mina.

WILLA’S WAY by Aria Michaels: This short is more post apocalyptic with a side of vamp and is also a unique look into this world. As most of the world is run by Oden the Ourovoros and subsequently making the majority of mankind poisonous to Willa and her kind. Reading about Willa and Brody, their former lives and what they were going through kept me on the edge of my seat. Just when I thought all was lost I turned the page….

BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS by Caroline A. Gill: Another smash hit from this author, she has such a way weaving words together to create this amazing unique Mrs. Draculaish tale. This is not your standard vamp story and if that is what you are looking for this this anthology is for you. Mixing together vamp lore, and magic made for an interesting tale of one Vamp driven to rescue her prodigy Peggy and what she and her horde go through to find her and save her.

CHRONICLES OF STEELE: THE VAMPIRE by Pauline Creeden: This is another new to me author and I loved Mrs. Dracula meets The Wild West! From the dialect used to the storyline, this was an altogether enjoyable read. Raven is one badass huntress! Ms. Creeden has an amazing way of creating imagery in my head with her words. -[

HELL HATH NO FURY by Logan Keys: Ms. Keys is another amazing author that I love to read! This story also as a unique flare as all the other shorts did! Mrs. Dracula and her gladiators, you cannot go wrong with a bunch of sweaty muscle bound warriors whose only focus is honor and glory through dealing death or dying themselves. The struggles Irena goes through as she deals with being bound to her husband, issues with Rome and its citizens, cheaters in the tournament just draws you into the story as you lose yourself into Centuries old Rome, gladiators and the coliseum



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